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Having this fun hobby has great benefits that you have not been told about.

You have probably heard more than once that video games are harmful, make you violent and similar topics; however here we tell you what are the benefits of playing video games, this fantastic hobby helps our health, body and mind, not only to distract or relax, whatever the case may be, here are some benefits of being a gamer. The best thing is that we have the best gamer brands so you can have a better gaming experience.

In multiple media you must have heard that video games improve attention and decision making. Action video games can help you improve your attention and even improve your decision making. A study from the University of Rochester backs this up and it was even a topic at the European Federation of Neuroscience Societies. To reinforce this benefit it is necessary to have a monitor that helps you with visual rest, is wide and with flexibility of adjustment for the comfort of gamers, allowing them to concentrate on their gaming experience.


Studies from the University of Toronto, Canada showed that video games increase reflex speed, acuity and visual search. This helps to improve great aspects of your life by being more detailed, improving your speed of action and increasing your visual speed; but this benefit could not be achieved if you do not have the motherboard and graphics card from the popular brands that gives you fluidity when playing and live a better experience without complications.


On the other hand, a study conducted by North Carolina State University has shown that those people aged 63 and older who played video games (even just occasionally) admitted to feeling higher levels of well-being and happiness compared to non-gamers. Likewise, video games can help in the treatment of some diseases such as dyslexia and autism; where such treatments use the potential of video games to focus attention, improve eye contact and understanding of emotions. On the other hand, they also function as emotional support when facing terminal illnesses such as cancer.


These benefits will be optimized if your machine has all the necessary tools so that the experience you live in each game is unique, fluid and memorable. We have a catalog of multiple brands that offers you a lot of products with which you will improve each game, in addition to providing a visual appeal to your gaming area with RGB lights that radiate some of these products, plus they can provide you with more hours of smooth gameplay thanks to its fans that will be responsible for preventing the heating of your equipment. 


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